This is the list of races I have attended. Not everything below was an official race. For bikepacking events, it's more about who thinks it's the race. On the contrary, when it is a race I usually just fight against myself. And you could say fight for saving a few days of job holiday.

Adventure “Hope 1000”

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Hope 1000 is a 1000km long event in Switzerland . Every participant must climb 30’000 metres of elevation. I took part in the 8th edition, which was influenced by a massive heatwave, which pinned me down at massive uphills. It was really hard to embrace the struggle and find the “why” am I doing this.

Race “Carpatia Divide 2019”

#ByHumanPower #Races #Bikepacking

In 2019 Carpatia Divide was my second big event of the year and my first race abroad. Poland is a neighbour country and the language is similar, but I had a difficult time understanding the locals. As always it was harder than I expected. It didn’t rain, but the route was muddy and the terrain so hard I had to walk a lot.

Race “1000 Miles Adventure 2015”

#ByHumanPower #Races #Bikepacking

1000 Miles Adventure is a Czech famous bikepacking race. A few hundreds people are at the starting line and all places are sold out in a few minutes. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not easy. You have to go from the most eastern village in Slovakia to the most western village in Czechia. You won't see many flat roads on the road as it follows rough mountain bike trails with insane gradients.