Bohemia Divide 2023 🥈


Bohemia Divide is a race with a tradition that ends the bikepacking season in the Czech Republic. Not that you couldn't ride your bike anytime you want, but this is the last time that a large group of bikers will ride through the country day and night in pursuit of finding every bit of mental power in their head. It stretches from south to north of Bohemia and riders will traverse distance of 800 kilometres.

Day #3
How I couldn’t afford any mistakes

Bohemia Divide 2023, Day #3 How I couldn’t afford any mistakes

October 4, 2023 | #ByHumanPower #Races #Bikepacking

Even though I had serious doubts about being able to get up at all, I got going without major issues. That’s often how it goes in bikepacking. You don’t believe that it’s possible to keep going, but the body finds reserves of reserves and copes well. Especially when you start to think, that the race leaders are having wonderful dreams. Read more