1000 Miles Adventure 2015

1000 Miles Adventure is a very well known Czech bikepacking race. A few hundreds people are at the starting line every year and all places are sold out in a few minutes. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not easy. You have to go from the most eastern village in Slovakia to the most western village in Czechia. You won't see many flat roads on the way as it follows rough mountain bike trails with insane gradients.

Day #1
How it all started

1000 Miles Adventure 2015, Day #1 How it all started

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Just standing at the starting line of 1000 Miles was a huge victory for me. The train dropped me off in an unfamiliar environment and left me in the middle of the wilderness. What surprised me even more was that I was good at riding, I enjoyed it, and I managed to overcome the first obstacles. Read more

Day #8
How I coudn’t trust my GPS

1000 Miles Adventure 2015, Day #8 How I coudn’t trust my GPS

#ByHumanPower #Races #Bikepacking

I thought that 1000 Miles is Mordor from start to finish. What else did I experience on the route? I struggled with hills and wasn't able to climb them. Going downhill wasn't an option either, as I was scared to go. The Moravian Basin, if I can call the local area that, however, showed me its hospitable face. Read more