Carpatia Divide 2019


In 2019 Carpatia Divide was my second big event of the year and my first race abroad. Poland is a neighbour country and the language is similar, but I had a difficult time understanding the locals. As always it was harder than I expected. It didn’t rain, but the route was muddy and the terrain so hard I had to walk a lot.

Day #4
How I sang the bear song

Carpatia Divide 2019, Day #4 How I sang the bear song

January 17, 2020 | #ByHumanPower #Races #Bikepacking

The ending was epic, as it should be. I wanted to reach the finish line so badly that I decided to ride all night. In the darkness, I traversed bear territory, comforting myself with the thought that they were sleeping. I was so scared that I sang until I lost my voice. Read more